How $PUMP Works?

Step 1: Vote $PUMP to Raise $ETH & $xxETH Liquidities

  1. Collection owners and communities vote $PUMP for their collection to generate a Bonus Pool (with p% APR of total voted $PUMP for the collection) to bribe $ETH & $xxETH liquidity providers.

  2. Anyone who joins the vote will receive a voting yield with 3.5% APR for all the collections.

  3. Anyone who joins the vote will receive a revenue sharing reward according to protocol service fee, daily.

Step 2: Provide $ETH & $xxETH Liquidities to Earn Interests and $PUMP

  1. Anyone who provide $ETH or $xxETH to collections will receive interests according to loan terms which supports an NFT purchase. He/She will also be rewarded with a On-Purchase Bonus from the Bonus Pool according to the lending volume he/she contributes.

  2. Anyone who provide $ETH or $xxETH will be rewarded with a Basic Bonus from the Bonus Pool daily.

  3. 10% of the Bonus Pool will be distributed for the Basic Bonus and 90% will be distributed for the On-Purchase Bonus.

Step 3: Lending Offers of $ETH Getting Matched

  1. Buyer pays protocol service fee and enjoys low interest rate to makes purchase of NFT with PumpX protocol.

  2. Better Lending Offers lead to higher trading volume. The trading volume will be taken into account to determine the generation rate ladder (p% APR) of Bonus Pool.

  3. Early-stage collection gets faster increase of generation rate.

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