Lend $ETH

Earn Risk-Free Interests or Get NFT at Nice Discounts

How to become a Lender?

Navigate to "Lender-Create Offers" page and pick up a collection you would like to support to create a lending offer of your own. By setting your lending offer conditions and approve a certain amount wETH quota, your lending offers will start to earn interests when your wETH is actually being borrowed by buyers.

How to Create New Offer?

Notice that when you successfully create your lending offer:

  1. Some/All of your approved wETH will be sent from your address to support buyer's transaction; lendings will fail if there is no enough wETH in the address.

  2. Your lendings are protected by collaterals staked in the vault.

  3. In a default case, you will get the collateralized NFT at a discount price (according to the maximum collateral ratio and maximum single loan amount your set up)

  4. Your fund can be lent out if a buyer selects a payment plan where the collateral factor, loan duration, and down payment are less than or equal to the maximun value you have set.


  • Choose a Collection. You can see and copy the terms of the most recent trade or check the ranking list of offer scores for reference;

  • Set the Maximum Collateral Factor, determining the highest loan value against the real-time price of NFT, and set the maximum single loan amount;

  • Establish the Supply Caps for this offer, limiting the lending amount for this collection; the total outstanding loan amount will not exceed this value;

  • Set the Maximum Loan Tenor, defining the maximum duration for a single loan;

  • Set the Maximum Interest Rate and create an interest table for outstanding loans with various repayment periods and collateral factors.

How to earn money interest?

You will be setting lending offer conditions while providing liquidities for collections; Once one of the lending offers is successfully matched with a payment plan from a borrower, the borrower will pay the interests according to your lending offer conditions. A typical money condition includes/

What if the borrower failed to make a repayment?

Your lendings are backed by the collateralized NFT asset. In the default case, you will be able to claim the liquidated NFT asset with no additional cost except the gas fee.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount to supply?

There is no maximum requirement on lending approve amount. The min of lending approve amount = the floor price of collection * LTV you set for the collection

How to mange my offers and find my lendings?

Navigate to My Offers and click Manage you can manage your conditions and supply caps. Click on View My Loan to view your ongoing paid off and overdue loans.

How do I withdraw my lendings?

Ongoing lendings will not be able to withdraw immediately until repaid by borrowers. To avoid lending, reduce your WETH balance or the Pumpx allowance by exchanging W-ETH for ETH, or set a lower allowance limit.

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