PumpX Extension

The PumpX extension now features a "Buy Now, Pay Later" option for buyers, while lenders can establish deals. It currently supports blur.

Download Address:


Browser Compatibility:

It is currently compatible with Chrome.

Supported Collections:

  1. All collections on blur.

  2. Collection that has offers support buy now pay later.

How to Buy?

  1. Visit Blur。

  2. Select a collection. If the collection has offers, a downpayment amount will be displayed on the button.

  3. Click the button indicating the downpayment amount.

  4. Manage your loans through the Extension or via the PumpX Protocol.

How to Lend?

  1. Go to Blur and select a collection.

  2. Click "Create Offers".

  3. Specify your terms in the PumpX Protocol and create offers.

  4. After creating offers, you can manage your offers on the PumpX website.

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