PumpX users may claim the both rewards from PumpX

Welcome to the Boxdrop, a distinctive rewards program crafted for the early adopters of the PumpX Protocol. This initiative is a token of appreciation for community engagement within the PumpX MultiChain Consumer Liquidity Protocol, fostering a more vibrant ecosystem.

Detailed below are the criteria and corresponding reward structure

1. Incentives for BNPL users

Borrowers-Engage with Buy Now Pay Later for purchasing NFT

Boxdrop Earning Part

Transaction TypeBox

Buy Now Pay Later

Gold Box

Adherence to Repayment Schedule

Silver Box

Successful purchase of a defined collection may result in a higher number of boxes

2. Incentives for Liquidity Providers(LP)

Boxdrop Earning Part

Offer ParametersBoxdrop Category

Create Lending Offer

Bronze - Gold

Successful Loan Disbursement


Lending Offers: Superior lending terms correlate with escalated Boxdrop rewards

3. Referral Rewards

  • Referrals: Invitations to new participants engagement yield Boxdrops

Referral ActivityBoxdrop Category

Successful Invitations


Invitee’s Borrowing


Invitee’s Lending


Disclaimer: Fraudulent or invalid actions identified via data analytics will result in exclusion from the rewards program

4. Welcome InitiativeSocial Engagement

Follow and retweet @pumpx_io on Twitter to earn initial Boxdrops.

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