Rewarding from PumpX and BLAST

PumpX is excited to announce the upcoming Airdrop event dedicated to rewarding community members who have been supportive and instrumental in the growth of the PumpX protocol. Uniquely, participants in these Airdrops will have the opportunity to receive DOUBLE rewards from PumpX tokens and BLAST tokens. These events are a token of our appreciation for the community's continuous involvement and contribution.

PumpX Points

100% of the PumpX Token Airdrop is allocated to PumpX Points. We believe that a fair launch is the most significant story in the blockchain world, so we are ensuring everyone has an equal chance to earn PumpX Points through work (POW) rather than just staking (POS).

You invest your time, you earn your Points, that's it.

How to earn Points



You can get your initial Points from the Campaign if you are an NFT trader on Blur or Opensea, or you deposit at least 0.1 ETH on Blast, or integrate with PumpX in early times. Get more information on PointDrop page.


The box is a PumpX Point blind box, containing Points of different levels. The total Points obtained from the opened box, combined with the Points acquired through other means, will determine the quantity of airdrop you receive. Get more information on BoxDrop Page.

PumpCard (Coming Soon)

You can use the PumpCard to acquire daily Points and extract a total Point Multiplier to pump your Points.


Daily Check-In

If you miss the airdrop of Points, don't worry, you can still earn Points from tasks. You can obtain increasing Points from Daily Check-Ins.

Raffle (Coming Soon)

You can use Points to extract a maximum 10x bonus in Point gains.

Invites (Coming Soon)

Invite friends to check-in to get Points.

More tasks are on the way.

Why Airdrop?

Why Airdrop? Airdrops at PumpX as a key strategy to align the growth of the project with the active participation of our users. Essential for:

Boosting Engagement By rewarding, we encourage more users to explore and engage with the PumpX ecosystem.

Encouraging Adoption Airdrops incentivize users to delve deeper into our offerings, increasing the adoption and usage of our protocol.

Shared Success By distributing rewards, we share the achievements with the community, making them a part of PumpX’s success story.

In essence, our Airdrops are not just giveaways but a means to nurture a thriving, engaged community that grows in tandem with PumpX.

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