Collateral Selling

Is there any limit on price of collateral selling?

For securing the payment plan can be fully paid, the price of collateral selling must be higher than "minimum list price" which is

Minimum List Price = Loan Principal Rest Amount + Fully Accrued Interest / (1 - NFT Marketplace fee% - NFT Tax%)

When can I initiate a collateral selling process for my NFT?

Once the BNPL offer is matched and the NFT is actually purchased through PumpX.

Can I cancel my collateral selling order?

Yes but it is suggested to do it 10 minutes after you initialize a collateral selling.

Can I change the collateral selling price?

Nope after a collateral selling order has been initialized. However, you may cancel it first and then list it again with a different price.

How much yield will I get after a collateral selling is completed?

Yields = List Price - NFT Marketplace Fee - NFT Tax - Loan Principal Rest Amount - Interests

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