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This instruction manual is used to support your participation in various PumpX functions and activities. PumpX is a cross-chain, decentralized financial infrastructure and provides liquidity for all consumer on-chain transactions. In other words, PumpX is a Consumer Finance Solution for you to access cash to trade. You will have a deeper understanding of PumpX's functions, protocols and its ecology with this documentation and it will enable you to make use of PumpX's solutions to get more decentralized financial liquidity for your on-chain consumptions.

In this document collection, you can see very detailed instructions, explanations, examples, and best practices for PumpX products in different scenarios. We will also gradually include content about decentralized finance, lending protocols, consumer finance models, smart contracts, token economic theory, etc. Whether you are a consumer, an issuer of on-chain assets, a researcher, or a degen, this document will provide you a full insights of PumpX.

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