What Is PumpX?

PumpX has built TWO key ecosystem components to build its vision:

  • PumpX Multichain Consumer Liquidity Protocol, a lending protocol pooling financial liquidity making it easier for consumers to adopt crypto native assets with financial supports.

  • PumpX Marketplace Aggregator is a flagship app built on top of the liquidity protocol serving as an early adoption interface for daily users.

PumpX is a multichain consumer liquidity protocol. PumpX aims to raise consumer liquidity for on-chain assets by providing an open financial infrastructure, thereby supporting more consumers to trade or own on-chain assets with more available cash. PumpX is built on the technology of the Ethereum ecosystem and its layer 2 solutions. On top of the protocol, we also provide different forms of DApps for daily consumers and support different asset issuers to better convert their users with affordable liquidity cost. In addition, our tokenomics design is also committed to raising financial liquidity for issuers of on-chain assets and ultimately converting it into assets' liquidity.

In the current supply of DeFi services, there is still a lack of relevant infrastructure, which results in the inability to effectively match a large number of buyer intentions with financial liquidities. Taking L2s such as Blast and Arbitrum as examples, the billion-dollar TVL needs a financial instrument native to the chain to obtain extra returns beyond the natural growth of ETH. In the future, PumpX can provide deeper liquidity sources for asset issuers and consumers through multi-layer bridges, and can also serve liquidity providers on different chains to obtain additional passive income.

Why PumpX?


PumpX provides junior consumers with Buy Now Pay Later, Collateral Selling, Loan for Loan services and all of these are integrated into IOS App, Mobile Website and Chrome Extension of PumpX.

Non-Bluechip Tokens/NFTs Accepted

PumpX’s peer-to-peer lending matching model will embrace more innovative asset and liquidity construction

Gathering Cross-chain Liquidities

PumpX’s liquidity sources will be expanded to different L2 solutions; helping LPs find interest while supporting project innovation

Yield On Top Of Staking

PumpX will support the liquidity of derivative $ETH, helping LPs gain additional on-chain economic benefits while staking on LSD/Blast/Metis/Menta...

Sustainable Liquidity With Community

PumpX provides more inclusive financial solutions to asset owners/communities and can effectively support community expansion and introduce new users

Why Blast and How?

The idea of PumpX will be implemented in 3 stages with Blast Native Yield rooted everywhere

Liquidity Foundation: peer-to-peer model is limited by zero capital efficiency of unloaned funds. PumpX pools unloaned funds in protocol to Blast and decreases cost of lenders fund with Blast Native Yield; PumpX will also motivate loaned funds with $PUMP token; borrowers will be benefited as well because Blast Native Yield changes the shape of money supply.

Liquidity Allocation: thanks to the scalability of the peer-to-peer model, both bluechip and non-bluechip assets will be supported by the liquidity foundation on PumpX and Blast; a borrower from different L2 or mainnet will get a money offer from Blast ETH provided by a single lender hence making cross-chain liquidity available; ownership oracle will also improve the financial value of collaterals and borrowers are required to deposit ETH to Blast to register ownership.

Modularlized Liquidity Infra: the evolution of web3 wallets is a narrative and it improves interactions between consumers with DApps/DAssets, but the trading efficiency is still limited by liquidity supplies. PumpX lending protocol will be independently deployed by institutional publishers to construct their liquidity foundations and allocation strategies on top of Blast.

How To Use?

Please refer to the link below: https://app.gitbook.com/o/VoBDlXY5U98ZJmxSAidw/s/gM7jcAswGCXXaRFKFfYq/~/changes/13/introduction/layer2-features

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